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Estrela da Favela



Estrela da Favela, translating to "Star of the Favela" is an education, sports and life skills initiative.


The project was established in 2012 by Dutchman Edwin Roodenburg and Brazilian Edna Silveira. 

Edwin en Edna are dedicated to provide sports and education activities to children between the ages of 4 to 14 in Mangueira.


The goal is to provide these children with better and sustainable opportunities to become resilient, healthy contributors to society.


The teachers at Estrela da Favela instruct over one hundred children, daily, in subjects such as math, Portuguese, English, geography, history and music.

These children also receive an education in social skills and values.

Thanks to Estrela da Favela, numerous children have been able to have access to higher education. Additionally, through their dedicated efforts, Estrela da Favela has been able to  protect all the girls in their program from unintended pregnancies.

Toe To heart & Estrela da Favela

 Toe To Heart World´s mission is to establish connections with global initiatives, dedicated to enriching children´s education and overal development. Our objective is to raise awareness, foster collaboration, and promote mutual learning. In 2023, Thomas, the founder of Toe To Heart and Toe to Heart World, embarked on a journey to Brazil, where he encountered the Estrela de Favela project in Rio de Janeiro.

During his visit, he personally witnessed the profound impact of EdF. Now, Estrela de Favela seeks greater local support from the Rio de Janeiro community, and Toe to Heart is committed to assisting them in this endeavor.


we could use your help

To ensure long-term sustainability, it's requested that anyone who has hesitated to support Estrela so far consider making a small or slightly larger (monthly) contribution to the account of the Foundation Friends of Estrela.





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Abraços fortes from Edwin and other members of Estrela da Favela.



Estrela da Favela is an education and sports project for over a hundred children in Mangueira, considered one of the worst neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro.

IBAN: NL17ABNA 0522610064




Stichting Vrienden van Estrela da Favela

(Foundation Friends of Estrela da Favela)



✆ +55 21 988921191
✆ +31 6 52431148

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