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1) At the moment we have one cause still going on for which we don’t need money anymore. It’s the school and after-school care project we have been running for the last 18 years. Still, 5 children are in the project and will graduate in the next 6 years.


2) We try to go regularly out of our comfort zone and meet children in need elsewhere and distribute cake etc. A way to make contact and find new goals. We have the plan to start more on the countryside a new kind of Toe to Heart project. Our aim for the 20 years jubilee is to make a first start with this. We keep you updated as soon as plans are more concrete. 


3) One new cause is to have a project which is more focused on children and animals, Lalitha-co-founder of Toe to Heart, is a great lover of animals, especially dogs. For 15 years we kept  an adopted street dog, Ramu, who was also very much loved by the children.  He lost an eye when somebody threw a stone at him and iwas practically deaf but he liked to sleep and eat at our house and walk with us when we went for a walk. Sadly Ramu died on 24-4-2023 and that caused a lot of grief. R.I.P Ramu.



4)  In Toe to Heart world we would like to connect to projects worldwide which are also focused on helping children with education and their broader development. Objective is to create awareness  connect, co-operate and learn from each other. In 2023 Thomas went to Brazil and got to know the project Estrela de Favela in Rio de Janeiro. You can read about that in the newsletter posted in August 2023 on our blog. 


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