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Updated: Aug 19

Toe to Heart has, since we started in 2004 helped underprivileged, mostly one parent-, children with education and after school care. Dozens of children have finished, with the help of donors and volunteers of Toe to Heart, their studies up to PU2. From the moment they became 18 years and adult they were able to manage their life themselves, by combining work and studies.

We always said that we would go on with the project, which has been very much part of our house and family, till our daughter would be adult and in a few months she will also be ready to spread her wings as a mature person. We don’t take new (very young) children anymore and the current 5 children in our project will finish their studies in 2028. Then this project will be finished.

8 August 2022 Toe to Heart will reach this 18 years ‘adult’ milestone and we permit us a kind of ‘gap year’ to see where our future goals lay. We’re open to everything as long as it breaths the spirit of ‘Toe to Heart’ (giving and receiving small material and immaterial aid). We will see what comes on our path.

Toe to Heart world indicated that we are not limiting ourselves to India anymore and also that we‘re open for ‘different’ worlds. Lalitha is very fond of animals and as you can see on our new website we also like to take care of street dogs and cats. When we visited the Netherlands we visited ‘Het Doorgeefluik’, a place in Houten where people give what they can miss and underprivileged like refugees can get ‘stuff’ for free. One of our objectives could be to highlight projects worldwide which breaths the spirit of Toe to Heart.

Also maintaining this website to keep the Toe to Heart spirit alive and create a platform and international is one of our objectives.

The website has still the mindset of ‘a young adult for which the world suddenly opens’. Everything is possible and the direction is not very clear.

We’re open minded and see what comes on our path.

You can already subscribe to our newsletter and we keep you updated about developments. Contact us directly by using the contact form and chat opportunities. You can follow us on Instagram: toe_to_heart , facebook and we have a Thomas Nicolaas- Toe to Heart You Tube where we post videos. You can subscribe here to follow us.

We’re looking forward to be in touch.

Thomas van Berckel

Co-founder Toe to Heart

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