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Our best friend is no more

Dogs have been part of the Toe to Heart family since Toe to Heart started in 2004.

We’re not sure anymore when exactly but one day, it must be around 2007/ 2008 a small street dog attracted our attention and we gave food, there was a click and he never left. Where our first dog, the Dalmatian Max was a domesticated pet, Ramu always remained the street dog, who lived the best of two worlds. Partly domesticated, he slept safely on our roof terrace and he was assured of food, water and love every day. But he also roamed around the neighborhood and most people appreciated him because of his natural charism. Unfortunately, somebody had thrown a stone at him, because of fear, as the streets are also flooded with all kinds of other street dogs, with some of them also rather scary.

Because of the stone he would remain blind in one eye.

A few months ago, he got arthritis and that was already a sign that his body was slowly giving up. Good medication helped him on his feet again but suddenly on Monday morning 24 April at 01.00 in the morning it was over. We remember him as our best friend who came into our lives, by choice, and we are glad that we were able to give each other a lot in the true Toe to Heart spirit. He’s missed terribly. We still have two dogs, Leo and Pepper, but we won’t forget Ramu, our best friend who was always there.

Thomas Nicolas

Eva and Monica saying their goodbyes to Ramu.

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