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The 4th Phase

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

I became 54 years old. Now people seem to become older we might be able to create a new -4th-phase in our lives (before retirement or death) which might give great satisfaction. This is how the 4th phase could look for me.

1st phase: Childhood, growing up. 1-18 years. (School-sports- friends-family)

2nd phase: Personal Development – own choice. 18-36 years old. (Searching- friends - studying-travelling- job-start own business- writing and publishing)

3rd phase: Establishing – materially (money-house-business) and immaterially (birth daughter/creating family-Toe to Heart-writing and publishing) 36-54.

4th phase: Spiritual and Physical Freedom – own choice again 54- (searching and expanding- travelling-family- friends- business- Toe to Heart-writing and publishing)

I’m happy and grateful I entered the 4th phase in my life which I could dedicate more time to Toe to Heart.

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