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Toe to Heart World is an initiative by Toe To Heart dedicated to support global ecuation for children on a broader scale

Toe to Heart World is a new project powered by Toe to Heart

Toe to Heart World

Our dream


Driven by our dream, we would like to see our Toe to Heart concept flourish, not only within India, but also resonate across diverse cultures and nations worldwide.

In India, we aim to pivot our focus towards rural areas and outskirts, recognizing the unique needs and challenges faced by these communities. By doing so, we hope to extend the reach of our initiatives and make a tangible difference where it is needed most.

Simultaneously, we are eager to explore international opportunities, seeking to collaborate with existing initiatives in other countries or to establish our presence in new cultural contexts. Our goal is to foster a network of like-minded organizations, united in our mission to empower communities and improve lives.

We envision a collaborative platform where we can share insights, resources, and best practices, ultimately amplifying our collective impact.

Throughout the development of this project and our website, scheduled from February to August 2024, we will be progressively building and refining our online presence. Each page on our website will be meticulously crafted, reflecting our commitment to transparency, collaboration, and community engagement.


We invite those who share our vision to reach out and join us in this journey of making a meaningful difference in the world.


The vast disparity between the affluent and the impoverished persists for myriad reasons. One crucial avenue out of the "poverty trap" is education.

Regrettably, single-parent households often find themselves compelled to economize, with education becoming the first casualty. This unfortunate circumstance keeps children in a cycle of poverty, devoid of the transformative power of education.

Simultaneously, single parents iare confronted with a harrowing dilemma: either stay home to care for their children, and therefore forfeiting income opportunities, entrust their children in the care of an older sibling, or leave them to their own devices, while they seek employment.

Recognizing these challenges, Toe to Heart endeavors to intervene in its unique way. By offering tutoring and after-school care, we aim to mitigate this issue. It's an urgent matter, considering the widening global gap, where every child—particularly girls, who often yield the most significant impact—stands to break the chains of poverty. Their empowerment not only uplifts them but also paves the way for future generations to thrive.

We acknowledge that our efforts may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things. However, we are hopeful that our approach to aid will gain traction, ushering in a "Toe to Heart World" where everyone is committed to tackling these issues collectively.



For two decades, our project has provided after-school care and covered tuition costs for children in a Bangalore suburb, embodying the "Toe to Heart" concept of reciprocal assistance, both tangible and intangible, or material and immaterial. 

As the community evolves and prospers, our solution in Bangalore will conclude by 2028. As of now, we aim to extend our impact to other areas within the city, seeking local champions to continue our work.


Additionally, we aspire to launch outreach initiatives in rural outskirts or countryside settings. We also envision expanding our model globally, fostering a more inclusive "Toe to Heart World."


Remarkably, our project distinguishes itself through its community-driven approach. Despite relying mainly on donors from the Netherlands, we've effectively integrated into the local community of Banglore, garnering support from local donors and volunteers, wich has been a testament to our unique and sustainable approach.


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As a volunteer

As we expand our reach, we welcome support from compassionate individuals and organizations worldwide to help enrich the Toe to Heart story.

If you're interested in joining us or contributing in any way, please contact us. We look forward to connecting with you.

As a donor

Currently, we have two registered organizations dedicated to supporting children in need. 


For more information, please visit our other website: Toe to Heart Contact.

As a CSR partner/ sponsor

We seek companies that resonate with our mission and wish to sponsor our efforts.


Please contact us to explore potential collaborations and mutual benefits.

What is Toe to Heart’s mission?


Toe to Heart is dedicated to helping children grow and reach their full potential. We provide essential support through both material resources and immaterial means such as after-school care and activities. Simultaneously, we encourage community involvement by inviting individuals to contribute their time, money, and attention directly to our projects.

We believe in the principle of reciprocity, where both the giver and the receiver benefit from the relationship. This approach taps into a fundamental human desire to make a positive difference in others' lives and derive satisfaction from it. Our goal is to connect local communities to our projects, fostering a collaborative effort to support children's development.


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Operating Entities of Toe To Heart

Toe To Heart operates as a registered entity both in the Netherlands (Stichting Toe to Heart Nederland) and in

India (Toe to Heart Trust, Bangalore)


Transparency & Accountability Statement

We maintain a steadfast commitment to transparency and accountability.

Our previous annual accounts and reports are accessible on our website

These are in Dutch, however, we are actively working towards translating all documentation to English to ensure accessibility for everyone in the future.

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