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Toe to Heart is a love story (in which we provided for almost 20 years, in an intensive way, education and after school care to dozens of children).


The project is run by volunteers, it started in India, it was taken further in the Netherlands and it’s time to spread our wings and do more, also elsewhere and on other fields.


Before and after 8-8-2024 when we celebrate our 20th jubilee, we will come with new initiatives. We keep you updated here.       

Toe to Heart World

On 8 August 2024 Toe to Heart will become 20 years old. It will be a milestone which we will celebrate with new initiatives. Please check this site regularly to stay updated. Every few months we will publish a new blog which you will find below. 


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Support us:


As a volunteer:  as we are spreading our wings we are happy with any help from anywhere in the world who can help to make the Toe to Heart story a better one.

Please contact us if you want to join us in one way or another and we will get back to you.


As a donor: At the moment we have two registered organizations that are dedicated to supporting children in need. For the moment we refer to our other website:


As a sponsor: we look for companies who can identify with our story and want to sponsor us. Please get in touch with us to see what we can do for each other.  


As a member: register now already for free and we will inform you about membership opportunities. 


The mission of this website is to tell the history of Toe to Heart and make it a better story by expanding in different ways in different worlds.

The story of Toe to Heart is about giving and receiving small material (the Toe) and immaterial (the Heart) aid.

Take a

Toe to Heart is registered in the Netherlands (Sichting Toe to Heart Nederland) and India

(Toe to Heart Trust Bangalore India).


We have always been and continue to be transparently accountable. For now, we refer to our other website for seeing our previous annual accounts and reports (which are still in Dutch). In the future, all will be available in English.

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