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Toe to Heart World is a new project

of Toe to Heart (Home - Toe to Heart) which focuses on supporting worldwide education in a very broad sense


Toe to Heart World

What is our dream?

The dream is for the Toe to Heart concept to grow, and to be applied in multiple cultures and countries.

In India, we want to continue but shift our focus to rural areas or outskirts instead of the city

At the same time, we wish to further explore international opportunities to either work together with existing initiatives in other countries or expand into other countries and cultures. In this way, we would like to create a network of like-minded organisations and aim to work together and learn from each other

The social problem that Toe to Heart focuses on 


There is a large gap between the rich and the poor for various reasons. The main way out of the “poverty trap” is through education. Unfortunately, in some cases, education is the first thing that single parent households often have to save on, dooming the children to not receive education and to remain poor.

In parallel, the single parent from these disadvantaged families faces the dilemma to choose between either staying home to care for the children but not being able to wark and receive an income, or letting the children fend for themselves or in charge of the oldest sibling and going out to earn a living.

By providing tuition and after school care, Toe to Heart aims to address this problem in its own way. This is an urgent problem, because the gap is growing worldwide, and every child, especially girls (who yield the most significant results), that receives help can contribute to reducing poverty, not only for themselves but also for future generations. We recognise that our work is currently like a drop in the ocean, but we hope that our approach to aid will spread, and "everyone" will be willing to contribute to solving these problems in a 'Toe to Heart World' 

The Toe to Heart solution

For 20 years, we have run a project providing after school care and tuition costs for children in a suburb of Bangalore in India. The "Toe to Heart" concept is to provide small material and immaterial assistance in a reciprocal relationship.

Our solution has been running in Bangalore, and as the children are growing up and the neighbourhood is becoming richer, this will stop after 2028.

We now want to explore if we can apply the concept in a different areas of the city where there is a need and if we find people who want to take this up. In addition, we would now want to create a reach-out project in the outskirts of the city or in the countryside. Next to that we want apply it also outside India and in this way create a broader 'Toe to Heart World' 

As far as we can tell the project is unique, because, even though it has been relying  on donors from (mainly) The Netherlands, we managed to root the project into the local community and find local donors and volunteers as well.


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Support us:


As a volunteer:  as we are spreading our wings we are happy with any help from anywhere in the world who can help to make the Toe to Heart story a better one.

Please contact us if you want to join us in one way or another and we will get back to you.


As a donor: At the moment we have two registered organizations that are dedicated to supporting children in need. For the moment we refer to our other website:


As a sponsor: we look for companies who can identify with our story and want to sponsor us. Please get in touch with us to see what we can do for each other.  


As a member: register now already for free and we will inform you about membership opportunities. 


What is Toe to Heart’s mission?

We aim to help children grow and flourish towards their full potential. We provide the necessary support base (both material and immaterial through providing after school care and activities) and in parallel aim for the community around us to contribute to the project directly through donating time, money, and attention. We believe in helping based on reciprocity, where both the giver and the receiver are happy with the relationship. This refers to a deep human value where the average person wants to make a difference for others and derives satisfaction from it. Our goal is to connect local people to our projects.

Take a

Toe to Heart is registered in the Netherlands (Sichting Toe to Heart Nederland) and India

(Toe to Heart Trust Bangalore India).


We have always been and continue to be transparently accountable. For now, we refer to our other website for seeing our previous annual accounts and reports (which are still in Dutch). In the future, all will be available in English.

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