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Start your own TTH project


Join Our Mission: Start Your Own Toe to Heart Project

You want to start yourself in the spirit of Toe to Heart?
Good plan! On this website we will highlight new small initiatives.


Our advice: Just make a small start and show others what you’re doing and what you want! If you keep it small you don’t need to start a whole NGO yourself. We could cooperate.

In 2004 when we, as founders, wanted to start and only got a basic plan, we got incredible nice help from two cyclists cycling from The Netherlands to China. They were looking for a goal to raise money for and chose Toe to Heart. They believed in us and gave us a start budget. That enabled us to set up an after-school care provision and to get to know the children and their needs. We selected the ones which needed our help most and with whom we had a click to give more support. We took care of more than 25 children from 8 to 18 years, but you can also keep it smaller.


Our only child grew up with many kids around her. It really can contribute to your family. 


Contact us if you look for advice in setting up your own small initiative and we 're happy to give it publicity! 


Our mission

The mission is, the Toe to Heart concept to grow further in India and apply it in multiple cultures and countries. In this way we like to contribute to closing the gap between the rich and poor. We wish to further explore international opportunities to either work together with existing initiatives in other countries or expand into other countries and cultures.


Everyone can help! You too!

Literally everyone can help. Some people can provide material assistance in the form of money or goods (Toe), while others can offer immaterial help (Heart), such as their time and attention.

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