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After having struggled for 20 years with setting up our own project we think it is good if similar small projects worldwide connect with each other and help each other.  In 2004 we visited Estrela de Favela Estrela da Favela – Education and sports for underprivileged children age 4 till 14  in Rio de Janeiro and we are impressed by their work. Some initiatives we co-operate with don't even have a website in English as they do only local work. Then we find it useful to show what they do. One example is Stichting Ouders voor Ouders

We think that it's nice to be not only busy with ourselves but also reach out to other projects and other organizations. That enriches our lives and there so many smaller organizations who deserve to be seen and heard.  It will be great to help them through a kind of Toe to Heart World community 

If you're interested to be part of this then please contact us. Also when you want to set up your own small Toe to Heart project by providing small material and immaterial aid to one or more children so the child gets proper educated. We believe that every child that gets a proper education closes the gap between rich and poor. Often a whole family and several generations benefit from one educated child that has has got opportunities in life.  

It's work in progress and it will be developed over time. It will be great to understand more of the cultural differences and difficulties we face when we want to help children with their education. In India, for example there is a huge difference in how girls are treated (compared with boys) or children with a disability

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